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Against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic: Securing the Homeland

Is our country fully prepared to do what is necessary to secure the homeland from all enemies, both foreign and domestic? Although many American citizens tend to associate the term homeland security with specific security aspects such as counterterrorism or immigration, often this association falls short of reality and underplays the complex nature of what exactly it takes to defend the American homeland. Equally as important as thwarting terrorist attacks or managing the migration of people into the country are the daunting tasks of safeguarding cyberspace, defending and developing our critical infrastructure such as electrical grids or dams, and ensuring the nation is well prepared for any possible natural disaster and the consequential societal unrest. At the 62nd annual Student Conference on National Affairs hosted by Texas A&M University, “Against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic: Securing the Homeland”, delegates will be given the opportunity to go beyond the limitations of their knowledge on the topic of homeland security. With other students from around the nation, they will be able to thoroughly explore the ever-evolving scope and definition of a wide variety of homeland security issues of crucial importance that stand to threaten the livelihood of our nation’s citizens and the sanctity of our sovereignty.

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